Who am I

I'm a clinical operation specialist, who is a dynamic, motivated, team orientated person, who adheres to timelines and goals. I easily connect with people and can fluently communicate in German, English and French. I offer some basic knowledge in Italian.

I perform the study management by planning thouroughly and diligently from the start to the end. I pay careful attention to details and nuances. I'm highly motivated to get aware of isues before they become a problem.

I keep the team informed and alert them to any potential issue as early as possible. The management team is constantly  updated of the progress and the next upcoming milestones.

In my private live, I like spending time with my family in the nature. Sailing is a great passion of mine and I often spend weekends or vacation on the Lake of Constance or an other stretch of water. This goes perfectly along with an other passion. Travelling, discover  new countries, cultures and lifestyle’s. I also like spending time with the larger family and friends, a good meal in company, is twice as tasty. Finally, I love reading books, sitting in a quiet cozy corner with a good book, can keep me happy for hours.